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1714 Latissimus dorsi and teres major transfer with reverse shoulder arthroplasty- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Geraldo MOTTA FILHO
1458 Arthrodesis by triangular External Fixation of the Ankle - Clinical results in 95 cases - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Gerhard Heinrichs
1915 Creating A Safety Culture In Healthcare - What Can We Learn From Civil Aviation SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Germana Lyra Bähr (Brazil)
1413 Functional Outcome After Hemiarthroplasty In Seniors With Comminuted Fractures of The Proximal Humerus - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Gershon Volpin
1487 The Surgical Treatment of Comminuted Fractures of the Proximal Humerus By "Minimal Invasive Surgery" - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Gershon Volpin
1512 Humeral Shaft Fractures Treated With Interlocking Nail and Dynamic Compression Plating: A Comparative Study - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Ghanshyam Narayan Khare
1644 Deworming the patients reduces surgical site infections in a developing country- SICOT Prague CZ 2011 Ghanshyam Narayan KHARE
1711 Treatment of upper limb deformities with external fixation- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Ghassan SALAMEH
1852 Mechanisms Of Failure Of Total Knee Arthroplasty SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Gijs Van Hellemondt (Netherlands)
1862 Diagnosis Of Infection In Total Knee Arthroplasty SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Gijs Van Hellemondt (Netherlands)
1918 How Do I Do? Remplissage SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Glaydson Godinho (Brazil)
1340 ICL India-Current Concepts in Anti-Tuberculous Therapy Gopakumar T.S
1447 Effects of Anatomical Double-bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction on the Contact Characteristics of the Patello-femoral Joint - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Goro Tajima
1425 Surgical Management of Prolapse Intervertebral Disc ? A Literature Review - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 H.S. Chhabra
1856 Role Of Growth Factor SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Hae-Ryong Song (South Korea)
1403 Treatment of Severe Comminuted Pilon Fractures by Ilizarov External Fixation - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Haim Shtarker
1667 Embase database- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Hakan KIVILCIM
1715 Trabecular Patterns - A reflection of bone vitality- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Haroon K.T. RAZA
1476 Evaluation of Pre Contoured Lateral Proximal Tibial Plates in Indian Tibia - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Harpreet Singh
1435 Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy without Bone Graft up to 14 mm - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Hatem G Said
1678 HTO: Planning and Indications - Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Hatem SAID
1891 Intramedullary Nailing In Osteoporotic Bones SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Hatem Said (Egypt)
1653 THA - Follow-up and loosening. How can registries be used?- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Henrik MALCHAU
1874 Is Cemented Fixation Still The Golden Standard? SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Henrik Malchau (United States)
1858 To Keep Or Not The Posterior Cruciate Ligament? SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Hernandez (Brazil)

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