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1923 Approach to Spine Tumours Dr Siddharth Badve
1930 An Approach to Hand injuries Dr Sudhir Warrier
1927 Acetabular fractures: Failing to plan is planning to fail by Dr Sunil Gavaskar
1942 Childhood deformity correction Dr Swapnil Keny
1928 No elbow room for errors: TY elbow fracture Dr Vijay Kakatkar
1947 Uncomplicating complications - Your first difficult hip Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria
1398 An Analysis of Factors Surrounding Hip Revision Surgery Between 2000 to 2008 - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Dushan Thavarajah
1490 Modified Thompson Quadricepsplasty - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Ebrahimzadeh Mohamed
1916 How To Deal With Bone Loss And Glenoid Fractures SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Eduardo Zamudio (Chile)
1416 Percutaneous Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty with an Evidence Based Perspective - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Efe Levent Aras
1880 The Bone Loss Biomechanics In Shoulder Instability SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Eiji Itoi (Japan)
1884 Pathophysiology Of Rotator Cuff Tears SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Eiji Itoi (Japan)
1515 Plantar Fasciitis Treated by Shock Wave Therapy - Four Years or More Follow-up - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Eli Peled
1740 Extra-articular Hip Arthroscopy- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Emmanuel AUDENAERT
1901 The Role Of Ct Scan In The Work-Up Of A Patient Requiring Hip Arthroscopy SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Emmanuel Audenaert (Belgium)
1896 Patient Safety SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Eric Tortosa (Panama)
1897 Predisposing Factors For Malpractice And Breaches In Patient Safety SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Eric Tortosa (Panama)
1406 Controversies in Osteoporosis Treatment - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Erik Fink Eriksen
1405 The Relationship Between Subjective and Objective Outcome Data After Total Knee Replacement - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Erik Hohmann
1437 Endoscopic Plantar Fascia Release-Anatomical Consideration for Portal Choice and Clinical Results - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Eyal Heller
1486 A Prospective Study Of Hip Revision Surgery Using The Exeter Long Stem Prostesis: Function- Subsidence and Complication for 57 Patients - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Fahad Hossain
1449 An Anatomical Way of Treating Ankle Syndesmotic Injuries - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Faisal Qamar
1741 Learning Curve for Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Fares HADDAD
1863 One-Stage Exchange For The Infected Total Knee Arthroplasty SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Fares Haddad (United Kingdom)
1869 Acetabular Component Choice And Position In Total Hip Arthroplasty SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Fares Haddad (United Kingdom)

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