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1870 Stem Choices In Total Hip Arthroplasty SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Craig Della Valle (United States)
1735 Treatment of Periprosthetic Fracture with Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Daniel BERRY
1497 Distal Tibial Fracture(PILON FX) - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Dariush Gouran Savad koohi
1736 Option in the treatment of distal femoral fractures- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Dariush GOURAN SAVADKOOHI
1737 The Amputation from a Rehabilitation Point of View - much more than a surgical act- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Didier DEMEY
1739 High-grade Spondylolisthesis- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Dietrich SCHLENZKA
1738 Evidence for anterior vs. posterior surgery- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Dietrich SCHLENZKA
1921 Orthopaedic Oncology: Negotiating a mine field - Dr Ajay Puri
1943 Do not make them worse: What not to do in CP Dr Alaric Aroojis
1929 Locking plate failures: Who moved my plate? Dr Ashish Phadnis
1940 Missed fractures and physeal injuries Dr Ashok Johari
1946 Primary Knee replacements - Avoiding errors Dr Bharat Kelkar
1935 Periprosthetic fracture management Dr BS Murthy
1922 Preventing Recurrences and Failures in tumor surgery Dr Chetan Anchan
1931 Orthogeriatric comanagement for Hip fractures: A Singapore experience Dr Hitendra Doshi
1933 Evidence based orthopaedics - the best practice standards Dr Hitesh Gopalan
1925 Handling bouncers the right way in OR: 35 years of experience on the pitch Dr K Raveendran
1934 Developing orthopedic network and fraternity Dr K Raveendran
1938 Screwed IT, nailed IT: Do we have a verdict for IT fracture Dr Rahul Katta
1936 Bail out buddies: Must have instruments in trauma OR Dr Rajendra Chandak
1939 In spite and Despite Dr Rakesh Bhansali
1944 Congenital Pseudarthrosis of Tibia Dr Rujuta Mehta
1937 Proximal tibia fractures Dr Sangeet Gawahale
1945 Unhappy knees -An engima demystified Dr Sanjeev Jain
1932 Practicing optimally in India Dr Shivshankar

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