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1713 Lengthening of long bone on locking nail- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Tomas TRC
1669 Indications for Arthroscopic Surgery of the Hip- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Tony ANDRADE
1676 Advantage of a modular stem in THR- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Ulrich DÖRN
1430 Autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACT) with collagen type I hydrogels for articular cartilage repair - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Ulrich Noth
1684 Cartilage Repair with Collagen Type I Hydrogels- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Ulrich NOTH
1369 ICL India-  Biomechanics of Knee and its implication in Total Knee Arthroplasty Vaibhav Bagaria
1645 Fracture around the Knee - Introduction- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Vilmos VECSEI
1909 Essex-Lopresti Lesions SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Vilmos Vecsei (Austria)
1849 Acetabular Fracture-Dislocations - Conservative Versus Orif (Open Reduction And Internal Fixation) SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Vilmos Vecsei (Austria)
1509 Cadaver evaluation of tibio-fibular syndesmosis with rotational abnormality of the fibula: a CT-Scan study - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Vincent Steiger
1386 ICL India-  Distal Humerus Fractures ICL.mpg Vinod Padmanabhan
1499 The surgical management by the 3 rods and whole pedicle screws construct with free hand technique: a safe and effective method for the 3D correction of severe scoliosis - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Vo Van Thanh
1879 Acetabular Revision SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Wayne G. Paprosky (United States)
1402 Short Posterior Fusion in Idiopathic scoliosis - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Wichien Laohacharoensombat
1414 In vitro kinematics study of human lumbar facet joints - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 William LU
1658 Problems with Metal-Metal Bearings in Total Hip Replacement- Sicot Prague CZ 2011 William MALONEY
1650 Patient Specific Total Knee Replacement (iTotal) - Sicot Prague CZ 2011 Wolfgang FITZ
1434 Trabecular Metal in Revision Hip Surgery - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Wolfgang Klauser
1453 Modularity in Revision TKA - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Wolfgang Klauser
1463 TM in Revision Knee Surgery - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Wolfgang Klauser
1433 The survival of Cementless Acetabular Cup for Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis Caused by Acetabular Fracture Compared with Primary Osteoarthritis and Avascular Necrosis of the Hip - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Woo-Chull Chun
1850 Periacetabular Osteotomy SICOT Rio Brazil 2014 Xavier Flecher (France)
1461 Surgical vs. Non-surgical Treatment of the SE4 Equivalent Ankle Fracture - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Yangguan Wu
1489 Posterior Spinal Shortening for Tardy Paralysis Following Vertebral Body Collapse Caused by Osteoporosis - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Yasuhisa Tanaka
1457 The new locally made multifunction dynamic external fixator system for definitive treatment in 70 cases of open fractures and its complications - SICOT Pattaya Thailand 2009 Yingyong Suksathien

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